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When the stars align and you manage to reach your dreams with your fingertips. Fingertips that now about effort, hard work and perseverance. An ethereal discipline that becomes art, when the lights turn on and the curtain opens. Today I open it for you. Feel part of me, get in my point shoes.

Essential posts for Balleter@s

In this space you will find the best classical ballet recommendations. Discover all kind of exercises, routines, tips and various tutorials made for classical ballet aside from fitness hacks to stay in shape. Discover my recipes, to get a balanced diet in order to feel your body at its maximum power. Don’t miss the latest in lifestyle for dancers and much more!

Ballet and Fitness

Physical maintenance exercises to shape your body, as well as tricks, tips and tutorials that facilitate your life as a dancer.


Recipes to maintain a complete and balanced diet that will help you to feel your body at its maximum power


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Know my story

What started in a parquet studio in the town hall of my hometown with six years old and without the remotest idea of what ballet was, evolved into a conservatory, national competitions, a scholarship at the school of my dreams “The Royal Ballet School “ and from there to my first ever contract as a professional dancer.

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