Classical Ballet

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In this space you will find physical maintenance exercises, as well as tutorials, tips and tricks related to classical ballet and fitness.

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Classical Ballet and Fitness

If there is something clear is that the ballet world it’s not easy. It demands a perfect body, you need to know how to make your own hair both for the everyday rehearsal and for performances, as well as make up. We need to have sewing skills in order to sew our shoes and a thousand more things. In this space you will find physical maintenance exercises that will help to improve  your muscles and strength. As well as all kinds of tutorials, tips and tricks that will make your life as a dancer a little bit easier. So look no further, and welcome.

Types of elastic ribbons for pointe shoes

Ballet dancers are without a say creatures of habit. Any change on our daily routine, like on our morning exercises or our usual hairstyle or that lucky leotard that we will never get rid of…any change on that isn’t very welcome. Never the less from time to time we...

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My routine in time of Corona

We as dancers are used to a very busy schedule that keeps our mind and body going almost like perfect machines in order to offer the very best of us. Personally, this is what I have been doing since I started ballet at the age of 5, and until now, I couldn’t think...

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What do I need to sew some ballet point shoes

If you are a lover of classical ballet or even if you dedicate yourself professionally to it, you will know that sewing your ballet point shoes is a task that you have to carry out very regularly. To sew your ballet flats correctly, it is not only important to know...

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How to sew your ballet point shoes correctly

Did you know that the ribbons and the elastics from your ballet point shoes are the most important part? It’s safe to say that a point shoe wouldn’t be the same without those two elements, but how sure are we about the exact placing of where to sew them?   The...

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8 Essentials that you cant miss in your ballet bag

Your ballet bag is more important than you think. Everyday starts the same way for a professional ballerina. We always start with our ballet class or training, how ever you prefer to call it.   Once we get on the leotard, tights and warming up cloths and tighten our...

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