Your ballet bag is more important than you think. Everyday starts the same way for a professional ballerina. We always start with our ballet class or training, how ever you prefer to call it.


Once we get on the leotard, tights and warming up cloths and tighten our hair we make our way out from the changing room with the ballet bag on hand. Personally, I don’t like carrying around unnecessary elements that make my ballet bag super heavy and also more difficult to find anything in it. When you spend the all day in the studio, from rehearsal to rehearsal, you will quickly realise that a light bag is essential.


And you will ask your self, which are the essentials that any ballerina should have in her ballet bag? On today’s post we will talk about what do I keep in my ballet bag at all times, and you’ll see how it is still possible to have everything that you need at the same time as having a light and organised bag. Let’s go!


My ballet bag contains:


Blanket or a Pilates mat

For me this element is absolutely essential , since class usually happens quite early in the morning and therefore the ballet studio is quite cold. Sitting directly on the cold ground is not a good idea at all, specially if your goal is to warm up, aside from been extremely dangerous for your muscles and health. Aside from the cold factor, the mat will also protect you from the hard ground so that you can stretch and exercise without hurting.



Once you have lied down your mat on your favourite spot in the studio, I start rolling. With them I roll my back, thighs and the base of my feet. This is great to start waking up the muscles slowly without causing stress on them, since we are not actually using them yet , we are just giving them a massage. This is also great to loosing up any muscle nut or tightness that we could have from the previous day. 


Elastic band

After going trough my morning PILATES routine, I move on to my elastic band to work and strengthen my feet and back. This step is absolutely essential, specially if you are going to wear point shoes from the beginning of the barre.


Mini first Aid kit

Now comes the time to protect your little toes with tape and your heels with wax or more tape. It’s very important to always curry around a small scissors to cut the tape with or even to touch up a nail that got out of control. It is also essential to have some sort of antiseptic to cure quickly any blister. It comes quite handy to disinfect the scissors in case you need to cut off a little bit of skin or something. 


Point shoes and toe pads

Your feet are warm and protected, ready to get in your shoes, so don’t forget them. It dependents on the day, sometimes I will start the day on flats and move on to point shoes, and in other occasions I start directly on point.


Sewing kit

You never know when an elastic or ribbon will break, although that’s something that if you sew your shoes correctly it shouldn’t happen easily. Never the less accidents do happen and we should be ready with our sewing kit in order to fix it quickly. Your kit should have at least a light colour thread, a needle, scissors, a few elastics and ribbons in case they need to be replaced.


Watter bottle

This is crucial. I can’t say enough how important it is to stay hydrated the all day, specially when exercising as much as we do. There’s days where I add magnesium powder to my water if my muscles are feeling too tired.



And lastly but defiantly not least, snacks. I have to have them in my bag so I can munch on though out the day, helping me keep my energy levels up. Everyday I refill my bag with more homemade snacks because they seem to disappear like magic at the end of the day, ups.


That was it! 8 essentials to go trough the day. It’s time to declutter your bag without giving up on what you really need.


I want to continue reading more tips and recommendations about ballet and fitness.


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